Professor Dean G. Pawlowic

Dean G. Pawlowic Professor of Law, 1989
(806) 834-8695

Admitted to practice in Nebraska.

Professor Pawlowic was awarded a teaching fellowship at Creighton University, where he taught introductory literature courses while pursuing a master's degree in English. He began his legal career as a law clerk for the United States District Court for the District of Nebraska, and in 1981 he became an associate with the Omaha office of Kutak Rock, where he was engaged in transactional practice. Professor Pawlowic was elected a partner of the firm in 1985 and chair of the banking department in 1986. His practice concentrated in the banking and bankruptcy law areas and involved primarily the structuring of public and private finance transactions. His expertise extended to multi-bank and bank-insurance company credit and liquidity facilities, as well as interest rate swaps, asset securitizations, and other derivative types of financing. Clients included regional and money center banks, both foreign and domestic, and insurance companies.

Professor Pawlowic is a frequent contributor to continuing legal education programs, and his most recent research projects have focused on banking, bankruptcy, and corporate law issues.


B.A., Creighton University, 1970

M.A., 1972

J.D., 1979


Advanced Bankruptcy Law, Banking Law, Business Entities, Contracts, Creditors' Rights, Remedies

Selected Publications

Banking Law (Fifth Circuit Survey), 31 Tex.Tech L. Rev. 385 (2000).

Entitlement to Interest Under the Bankruptcy Code, 12 Bankr. Dev. J. 149 (1995).

Letters of Credit: a Framework for Analysis of Transfer, Assignment, Negotiation and Transfer by Operation of Law, 39 Wayne L. Rev. 1 (1992).