Summer Law Institute in Guanajuato, Mexico

Summer Law Institute on Hiatus until Summer 2016

Texas Tech University School of Law will not be hosting our Guanajuato Summer Law Institute during the summer of 2015. In order to make certain that we continue offering a top-quality summer abroad program responsive to today’s law students and job market, we are taking a hiatus until Summer 2016 to enhance our program model. We are planning various changes that will make the experiences of our future students even better than those of the past.

We will continue to move forward with our Lithuania Summer Law Program, whose inaugural class in 2014 consisted of 16 TTU Law students and 28 Lithuanian students. We hope you will consider participating in this program if you are interested in gaining an international experience.

For more information or questions, feel free to email or visit with Professor Jorge Ramírez, Associate Dean for International Programs.

General Information

The Texas Tech University School of Law is a proud partner in a consortium of three law schools that has developed the Summer Law Institute, a cooperative teaching program with the University of Guanajuato. The University of Guanajuato Law School is one of Mexico's leading law centers and is located in the silver-mining highlands of central Mexico. The Institute offers a thorough introduction to Mexican Law and International Law subjects related to the United States and Latin America.

As trade relations with Mexico and the rest of Latin America continue to expand, Texas Tech wants to ensure that our students have an opportunity to prepare for international legal opportunities that will continue to multiply. The Summer Law Institute helps us achieve that objective by giving students the option to work, learn and study in Mexico under the direction of professors not only from Texas Tech, but other professors, practitioners and jurists invited from around the United States and Mexico.

The Summer Law Institute accepts applications from students attending other universities. It is open to all law students, graduate students, and professionals interested in learning the legal systems and culture of Mexico. The Institute has been approved by the Accreditation Committee of the ABA Section on Legal Education.

Application Process

Non-TTU students must apply for the Summer Law Institute at our Consortium website: The following application process applies only to TTU students.

Enrollment in the Summer Law Institute for TTU students consists of a two-step process because of the need to satisfy information requirements of BOTH the Summer Law Institute (which is administered by the University of New Mexico, one of our partners in this endeavor) as well as the information requirements of the Office of International Affairs on the main campus. A description of this two-step process follows.

Step One

Step one of the process requires that you complete two Summer Law Institute Application Forms. These Application Forms are located at the following website: Once at that site, click the "Applicants" folder under "Documents" on the left-hand menu.

The first form is a two-page document (“Application14Consortium”). This form asks for your passport information and requires you to submit a photocopy of your passport. The second form is titled “Application14travel-itinerary.” Once you have filled out these two forms, return them to Ms. Tracy Coffman on the second floor of the Professors’ suite at the law school. Note that you DO NOT need to include any payment at this time. DO NOT MAIL THE APPLICATION TO THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO OR YOU WILL INCUR A $75 APPLICATION FEE.

Submission of these two forms will complete step one of the application process. Application for admission to the general program may be made at any time after the applications are made available, however, the application for the optional externship program must be received by May 1st. As past programs have been over-subscribed, early application is advised. The earlier you complete step one of the application process, the better off you will be if you are concerned with insuring a place in the program or a particular course. As soon as we receive these two forms, we can secure a place for you in the Summer Law Institute. Applications received on or after May 25th should be accompanied by full payment of tuition and all applicable fees.

Step Two

Texas Tech University requires all study abroad students to register with the Texas Tech Office of International Affairs, complete an on-line application, attend a pre-departure orientation session, receive a physical examination, and pay a processing fee. Texas Tech law students will not be allowed to study abroad unless they complete all requirements included in this step of the process.

Apply Now ›

Once at the application site, click the “Start Application” button to begin the process. If you have any problems with the application, please contact Ms. Elizabeth McDaniel ( or (806) 742-3667) at the Office of International Affairs. Ms. McDaniel is the Unit Coordinator in charge of the online application process. Texas Tech University will charge you a separate fee ($200). This amount will be payable to Texas Tech University, and this fee does not benefit the Summer Law Institute. You should expect Texas Tech to charge this fee directly to your Student Business Services account. This step and fee are required for ALL study abroad programs.

Again, you must complete both steps of the application process in order to qualify for admission into the Summer Law Institute.


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Additional forms and information on the Summer Law Institute may be found at:

Contact Us

For additional information about the Summer Law Institute, access our Consortium website or contact:

Professor Jorge A. Ramírez
Associate Dean for International Programs

Sarah Zlotnick
International Programs Coordinator