J.D. and Master of Science in Personal Financial Planning

The School of Law, in association with the Graduate School, offers a program that enables interested students to earn both the Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.) and Master of Science (M.S.) Personal Financial Planning degrees in three to four years of academic work. The program is designed principally for the student who wishes to supplement his or her legal training with a broad understanding of personal financial planning issues. This combination is particularly helpful to students intending to practice in financial areas such as taxation, estate planning, retirement planning, or employee benefit design.

The M.S. degree satisfies the educational requirement for students wishing to sit for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) exam. A student may complete both degrees with 102 hours of law and financial planning courses. This savings is made possible by allowing 12 hours of approved law courses to transfer as elective credit toward the M.S. degree and vice versa. These transfers are of credit hours, not grades. Therefore, graduate coursework will not be computed in the studentís Law School GPA and class ranking.

Interested students must declare their intent to pursue the dual degree no later than their fourth semester in Law School. The first year of study consists entirely of law courses. During the second and third years, the remaining required law selected law electives and an appropriate number of graduate business core courses. Students may enroll in the Graduate School at Texas Tech University and complete all leveling coursework and earn up to 12 credit hours toward the M.S. in the academic year prior to matriculation to the Law School. Students who have earned more than 12 credit hours (excluding leveling coursework) prior to matriculation to the Law School are ineligible for the J.D. Dual Degree program.