J.D. and Doctor of Medicine

The Texas Tech University School of Law and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine administer the Doctor of Jurisprudence / Doctor of Medicine dual degree program. The JD/MD program is designed specifically for individuals interested in the areas of health law, healthcare policy, bioterrorism, forensics or biomedical compliance. Applicants interested in this unique program must submit an admission application and supporting documents to both the School of Law and the School of Medicine in the same annual admissions cycle. It is important to note that entrance into both programs of study require significant advanced preparation and adherence to strict deadlines. It is imperative that interested applicants familiarize themselves with the process of both programs of study. The successful applicant must meet the admission requirements for both programs of study.

Eligibility Requirements

School of Law

All applicants must have the following:

The School of Law does not require a specific major or undergraduate curriculum. Courses that emphasize critical and analytical thinking, as well as writing skills, are recommended as they can help prepare students for the rigors of law school.

School of Medicine

All applicants must have the following:

A list of required prerequisite courses can be found on the School of Medicine website.

In addition,

Admissions Process


Financial Aid and Scholarships