Business Law Concentration

The Business Law Concentration at the Texas Tech University School of Law offers students the opportunity to earn a concentration which signifies to potential employers both a substantive focus on business law and a high level of performance in the subject area. Upon completion of the program through satisfaction of the requirements described below, a concentration notation to that effect will be placed upon the student's transcript.

The program requires that the student complete certain "required courses," and that a minimum number of courses and credits be selected from lists of designated "core" and "specialty" electives, to ensure exposure to core doctrinal areas of business law and basic principles of accounting and finance. In order to receive the concentration, the student must maintain a 3.0 grade point average in the courses designated as meeting the course requirements. Additionally, the student must complete a sustained, scholarly writing project. A complete description of program requirements may be accessed here (Rev. March 2014).

Interested students will normally be expected to apply during the 2L year by submitting the "Intent to Complete" form. Each student will then be assigned an Associated Faculty Advisor available to provide advice and mentoring in course selection and identification of a suitable research topic. The program is administered by Professor Genevieve Beyea. While she is on a leave of absence for the 2011-12 academic year, Professor Dean Pawlowic will direct for the program.

The Business Law Concentration presents a wonderful opportunity for interested students to establish mentoring relationships with faculty, achieve breadth and depth of exposure to the area, and acquire a credential communicating to potential employers both their interest and level of achievement in business law.

Interested applicants should contact Professor Dean Pawlowic for additional information.