Event Calendar Submission and Posting Guidelines

The Tech Law Event Calendar is the official Law School calendar for Texas Tech University School of Law. It provides a consolidated listing of official and unofficial events of interest to the law school community and persons external to the law school. Among other things, the Tech Law Event Calendar provides information on academic, educational, cultural, community, social, and other events. The purpose of this calendar is to notify users of upcoming events and activities, provide information on such events and activities, encourage communication between different constituencies of the Law School, and promote the general mission of the Law School to educate and train students for the ethical practice of law.

Definition of an "Event or Activity"

Events or activities include academic deadlines, lectures, workshops, meetings, training events and programs, as well as cultural, sporting, and social events. They may include on-campus, and selected off-campus events and activities. They may also include those open to the general public, as well as events open only to the Texas Tech community, the Tech Law community, or a segment of the Tech Law community.

General Policy and Guidelines

The use of this resource may not violate TTU Law School Policies, TTU University Operating Policies, or State/Federal laws. All submissions must adhere to TTU Operating Policies and Procedures, including TTU IT Security Policies, specifically the University Acceptable Use Guidelines.

Tech Law Event Calendar is principally for use by Texas Tech University School of Law faculty, staff, and students, but it may be viewed by alumni and members of the general public. All announcements must be submitted by a Texas Tech University employee or current student.

As a University resource, the Tech Law Event Calendar may not be used for political events and activities. The use of the Tech Law Event Calendar to engage in political activities is a violation of both the University Ethics Policy and State Law.

The Tech Law Event Calendar may not be used to promote joint fund-raisers between private entities/businesses and TTU entities unless the fund-raiser contributes directly to the university's State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC) efforts. With respect to student organization fundraisers, an official university organization must be the sole generator and sole recipient of the monetary and/or non-monetary benefit generated by any fund-raisers. This is true regardless of the event location.

The Tech Law Event Calendar may not be used to announce any sale of personal items, to include, but not limited to textbooks, study materials, houses, etc., as well as to advertise commercial services and rentals. However, these items may be sold/listed on the SideBar, which is a forum provided to Tech Law students, faculty, and staff for this purpose.

The Dean's office has assigned calendar managers to monitor and approve all postings prior to release to the calendar. To ensure timely posting, please submit items at least 48 business hours in advance.

Submission Policy and Guidelines

To submit items to the Tech Law Event Calendar you must have an official Texas Tech University e-mail address, and anyone with an official Texas Tech University e-mail address may submit events and activities to the calendar. Persons submitting items to the calendar will be required to supply their eRaider username and password. This includes submissions on behalf of student organizations and appropriate outside entities. If you need technical assistance, please contact the IT help desk at (806) 742-4897 or at computersupport.law@ttu.edu.

Users are urged to submit events and activities for posting at least one week prior to the actual event date. In most cases events may be entered up to two years prior to the event date unless an exception is granted. Exception requests should be sent to Lynn Karnavas at lynn.karnavas@ttu.edu.

Important Tips!

Room reservations at the law school must be made prior to submitting items to the Event Calendar. They should be made separately through the TTU Ad Astra or TTU OrgSync system. To access this room reservation system, contact Danette Weller in the Dean's Suite, or contact her at danette.weller@ttu.edu.

Before submitting an event or activity, make sure it has not already been posted. The easiest way to do this is to check the date of your event. Note that the calendar is automatically populated with certain events, deadlines, and other entries.

Be specific when entering the timeframe of your event. The system can accommodate multiple-day events, as well as recurring events.

You can add an image URL to illustrate your event. For best viewing results, make your image no larger than 350 pixels wide and/or 300 pixels high. If you do not have the ability to upload your own images, contact the IT help desk at (806) 742-4897 or at computersupport.law@ttu.edu.

Featured Events

Calendar managers will select certain events to appear in the featured events area of the calendar. Generally speaking, selection will be based on the event's appeal to wide audiences and/or to promote law school activities of particular importance to the law school community. To have your event considered, please note your request in the additional information box when you enter the event information.

IT Assistance

Direct all questions and requests for assistance with the Tech Law Event Calendar to Erica Lux, Director for Calendar & Events, at (806) 834-3412 or erica.lux@ttu.edu.