Academic and Student Support

Office of Academic Success

The Office of Academic Success Programs at the Texas Tech University School of Law is dedicated to helping all law students achieve their full academic potential while at Texas Tech. The office works with new law students (1Ls) as well as returning law students (2Ls and 3Ls) and students preparing for the bar examination. For more information, please visit the Office of Academic Success.

Disability Support

Information and assistance for students with any type of disability are available through the Student Disability Services Office located in 335 West Hall. Students with mental or physical disabilities who are seeking accommodations are required to register with Student Disability Services and provide the appropriate documentation. Student Disability Services is a support program that provides students with appropriate in-class accommodations so that they can have full access to and participation in the academic environment and university community.

Student Support and Emergency Team

The Student Support and Emergency Team (SSET) is a standing group of law school administrators and faculty members who assist law students experiencing a variety of personal and institutional problems. These issues range from serious illness or death in the family to mental health issues and threats of violence. SSET works with the Student Counseling Center and other university resources to help students resolve these issues in the best way possible. Students, faculty, and staff can refer issues and emergencies directly to any member of the SSET. Current members of the SSET include Associate Dean John Delony, Paula Smith, Associate Dean Alison Myhra, Pam Yager.

Texas Lawyers Assistance Program (TLAP)

Like the practice of law, law school can be mentally and physically strenuous. The State Bar of Texas created the Texas Lawyers Assistance Program (TLAP) to help both attorneys and law students stay healthy and happy. Visit TLAP's law student page for more information and stress management techniques.

Helpful Numbers

Need help? Texas Tech and the State Bar of Texas offer a number of programs free of charge to provide a support system and help you through any problems that you may encounter:

(800) 343-8527
(512) 427-1453
Texas Lawyers Assistance Program
(806) 743-2848TTUHSC Student Health Services Appointment Line
(806) 742-9781Texas Tech University Red to Black Program (Credit and Financial Counseling)
(806) 742-3674Texas Tech University Student Counseling Center

If you need other assistance, contact Jarod Gonzalez, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, at (806) 834-8378.