Texas Tech Honors College "3+3" Early Admission Program

The Law School, in conjunction with the Texas Tech University Honors College, offers a "3+3" Early Admission Program. Under this program, honors students in good standing who are working toward the B.A., B.S., B.F.A., B.M., or B.G.S. degree in the College of Visual and Performing Arts, the College of Arts and Sciences, or the Honors College may gain early admission to the Texas Tech Law School by completing a minimum of 100 semester hours of coursework (three years) in their undergraduate college and then completing three years of coursework at the Law School.

These students can receive a baccalaureate degree and Doctor of Jurisprudence degree in a minimum of six years as opposed to the traditional seven years of study. Students must apply during the fall semester of their third year (or during the fall semester of a year in which they are classified as juniors) and must take the LSAT by December of that year. The Admissions Committee applies the same standards and procedures for "3+3" applicants as those received under the traditional admission process.


To be eligible for admission under this plan, students must meet the following criteria:

Of the minimum 100 semester hours of undergraduate work, at least the last 30 must be completed in residence at Texas Tech. This minimum will apply to transfer students from other higher education institutions, provided they have satisfactorily completed the work outlined in the freshman and sophomore years or its equivalent. (Note that the Honors College residency requirement generally calls for a minimum of three long semesters of work at Texas Tech for Honors graduation.)

The minimum 100 hours of work must satisfy all graduation requirements for the B.A., B.S., B.F.A., B.M. or B.G.S. degree in the home college at Texas Tech, with the exception of requirements in the minor (for students in the Honors College or the College of Visual and Performing Arts who do not have a minor, the hours will be applied toward elective credit). Students must also complete the minimum requirements for an Honors College designation as outlined in the Honors Student Handbook.

To earn the baccalaureate degree, the applicant for a degree under this plan must submit an official transcript from the Texas Tech School of Law after completion of the first year of law school. Evidence of successful completion of the first year of law school coursework (totaling 29 hours) will substitute for the 18 hours required for the minor and any electives needed (totaling up to 11 hours) for the baccalaureate degree.

For students in the College of Arts and Sciences, the total number of credit hours from outside the college (including those transferred as non-Arts and Sciences credit) and the credit hours from the School of Law applied to the baccalaureate degree cannot exceed 30. For students with a major in the Honors College or the College of Visual and Performing Arts, the 30-hour limit applies to courses from outside the studentís major degree program that do not satisfy a Texas Tech Core Curriculum requirement.

Any student selecting the "3+3" Early Admission Program option should plan carefully in consultation with an Assistant or Associate Dean of the Honors College and the home college at least one year prior to beginning professional school. Also, due to the unique nature of the law school application process, students are strongly encouraged to meet with the Assistant Dean for Admissions at the School of Law at least two years prior to the desired start date for law school.

Students wishing to pursue the "3+3" program must file a degree plan with an appropriate major and a law minor at least one semester prior to beginning their law school coursework.