Early Decision Program (Non-Binding)

Applicants with an extraordinary level of commitment to the Texas Tech University School of Law may be interested in the Early Decision Program. Typical applicants for this program are those who have considered several law schools thoroughly and have concluded that a Texas Tech legal education is the one most compatible with their goals for a professional education. The Admissions Committee applies the same standards and procedures for Early Decision applications as those received during the regular admission process, but Early Decision applicants are assured of receiving an admission decision by mid-January. In addition, those who qualify for scholarships will be notified of their scholarship award at the time of acceptance or shortly thereafter.

The Early Decision Program is non-binding. Applicants who are offered admission have approximately two weeks to accept the offer of admission. Acceptance requires submitting a nonrefundable deposit of $500. Early Decision applicants must meet the following conditions:

All of these conditions must be met in order for the admissions committee to consider the application through the Early Decision Program. Otherwise, the application will be considered in the regular admission process.