Laptop Program

General Information

Texas Tech University School of Law students who qualify for financial aid may add the cost of a new laptop computer to their educational budget. To pay for the laptop, students may increase their financial aid package in the specific amount of the cost of a laptop, up to $1,500. Students are allowed to do this only one time during their law school career.

For additional information contact:

Mark Langford, Financial Aid Adviser

Laptop Purchase Process

For the cost of a laptop computer to qualify for financial aid should bring a price estimate on an invoice/company letterhead or a purchase receipt showing the total cost of the laptop computer to the law school financial aid office. Students will receive aid in the either the amount of the cost of the laptop or the maximum set by the School of Law ($1,500), whichever is less. For incoming first-year students, purchases made after July 1st can be covered by this process.

Laptop Computer Minimum Requirements

In order to qualify for financial aid support for the laptop purchase, the laptop computer must meet the following minimum specifications.

Minimum Operating System Requirements

*Consult the Microsoft and Apple websites for the mimimum and recommended hardware specifications required to run their respective operating systems.


Various software packages are available for download by students via their eRaider account. (, including Microsoft Office and Adobe products, download to students. Windows and Mac versions are available.

Ordering the Laptop Computer

Dell Laptops

Law students may participate in a special arrangement with Dell Computers to obtain a laptop that meets the school's software and hardware network configuration requirements. Dell laptops purchased through the Laptop Program will come preloaded with all drivers, software, and hardware configurations needed to connect to the Texas Tech University network.

Dell laptops purchased through the Laptop Program come with a three-year on-site repair or replacement warranty and the Gold level service program. By purchasing a Dell laptop, the user is also entitled to access Dell support wherever a Dell support center/technician is available.

If you are purchasing a Dell laptop through the Laptop Program, do not purchase any software from Dell that can be obtained through your eRaider account. Since your required software is made available through Texas Tech University, you will not be required to purchase additional software through Dell.

The Dell computers purchased through this program are designed to support a student through three years of law school and come with a three year on-site repair or replacement warranty.

Go directly to to access the link to the Texas Tech University purchasing page on Dell's website.

Non-Dell Laptops

Students who wish to purchase a non-Dell laptop are still eligible for financial assistance as long as the laptop meets the Minimum Hardware Requirements above. Students interested in Apple products can find the link to their educational store on this page,