TTU Law Library Policies and Procedures

Specific rules (policies and procedures) in regard to use of Law Library and IT resources are listed below. In addition, the Student Library Guide may cover some items in additional detail. For any questions, interpretations, or clarifications please feel free to contact any library team member or Associate Dean Arturo Torres.

In instances where the Law Library has not provided a specific rule, the Policies and Procedures, Codes of Conduct or Handbooks of the Law School, University or Board or Regents, or State Laws, will apply. The following is a list of some examples:

  1. School of Law Student Handbook
  2. TTU Student Handbook and Code of Student Conduct
  3. TTU Information Technology Division Policies
  4. TTU Operating Policies and Procedures
  5. Regent's Rules and Policies
  6. Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Link to Laws and Rules


Information Technology

Reference and Research