Services to the Law Faculty

The Law Library serves members of the law faculty at Texas Tech University. The range of faculty services provided by the Law Library includes:

Check out Books: Law Library materials (books, periodicals, videos, audio tapes and other items) can be checked out to faculty members in person at the Circulation Desk, by phone at (806) 742-3957, online, via "Your Account" on Oasis at, or contact the Faculty Service Librarian at x281. Checked-out items can be delivered to faculty offices upon request.

Renew Books: Renewal of checked out times can be done in person at the Circulation Desk, by phone at (806) 742-3957, online, via "Your Account" on Oasis at, or contact the Faculty Service Librarian at x281.

Document Delivery: The Law Library can download cases, articles and other data from online databases for a faculty member. Requested items can be delivered to the faculty member in either an electronic or print version, as specified by the requestor. Electronic versions will be uploaded to individual faculty folders; print versions can be delivered to faculty or their offices.

InterLibrary Loan Service (ILL): If a faculty member wants to request an item not owned by the Law Library, the library staff can obtain such item through a database or ILL if possible. To place an ILL order, the faculty member should fill out a request form at the Circulation Desk or on the Law Library's Web site, InterLibrary Loan Request. The item will be delivered to you when received.

Course Reserves: The Law Library will, upon request, put library materials on reserve for the courses that are currently being offering. The reserve items are held at the Circulation Desk, (806) 742-3957. Please contact the Circulation Desk or your Faculty Liaison if you wish to place any materials on reserve.

Instructional Media: The Law Library supports the faculty in using audio/visual aids and other technology (e.g., computer software) for teaching and/or research. The Multi-Media team will be happy to assist with the use of equipment in the Law School. Individualized training for independent equipment operation may also be provided. Please contact the Circulation Desk at (806) 742-3957 to reserve equipment or schedule training.

Computer/Technology Training: Upon request, the Law Library will provide computer and technology training to faculty members for their teaching and/or research. Please contact the Faculty Service Librarian, Eugenia Charles-Newton for specific requests.

Laptop Computers: The Law Library maintains laptop computers loaded with commonly-used software. These laptop computers can be checked out to faculty members for in-house or remote use. Staff can show you how to use the laptop. Please contact the Circulation Desk at (806) 742-3957 to make your reservation and pick up the laptop.

Reference Assistance: Reference Law Librarians are ready to assist faculty with their research questions. You may request assistance using the Faculty Request Database OR contact your assigned Faculty Liaison, the Faculty Service Librarian, Eugenia Charles-Newton (x281), or contact any reference librarian through the Reference Desk at (806) 742-3963.

Research/Instruction: The Reference Law Librarians, upon request, can assist you with in-depth legal research, including the compilation of a bibliographsy. Reference Law Librarians are also available to provide in-class presentations on research and/or distribute handouts as appropriate. In addition, Reference Law Librarians can provide research consultations to your class, on general and topical areas of law and provide library tours (by appointment only).

Online Research: The library will, upon request, conduct online research for faculty members in Westlaw, Lexis-Nexis, Loislaw, Internet and other databases. Assistance on how to search these databases may be provided as well. Please contact Eugenia Charles-Newton if you need to obtain a password for online services such as Westlaw, LexisNexis and LoisLaw.

New Acquisitions Lists: The library compiles a monthly list of new books and documents received, which are sent to faculty members for selection by email.

SmartCilp: The Law Library subscribes to SmartCilp, an electronic notification service of newly published law articles. By subscribing to this service, faculty members will receive abstracts of current legal articles by email. Please contact Eugenia Charles-Newton if you are interested in subscribing to this service.

Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN): The Law Library is happy to assist you with publicizing and distributing your scholarship to a world-wide audience using SSRN. If you are interested in learning more about SSRN or want your work uploaded onto SSRN, please contact the Faculty Service Librarian, Eugenia Charles-Newton.

Faculty Research Series: Faculty have their plates full with teaching and writing. In an effort to keep the faculty updated with new developments in technology, databases, and instructional media, the Law Library conducts enrichment programs during the Fall and Spring semesters. Detailed announcements regarding specific topics, time and location of each program will be made during the semester. Look out for announcements made via email, on the library Facebook/Twitter page, and on flyers.

Faculty Publications Display: The Law Library maintains a display case to exhibit books, articles, and other publications authored by the faculty. Faculty interested in having their work displayed should contact the Faculty Services Librarian, Eugenia Charles-Newton for more information and assistance.

The law library strives to provide superior law library and information technology resources thought leadership, innovation, service and teamwork.