Academic Technology

The Law Library and Academic Technology provide superior customer experience through leadership, innovation, service, and teamwork.

The Texas Tech University School of Law employs a well-equipped and highly trained staff of technical support professionals dedicated to the needs of its law students, staff, and faculty. The Law Library and Information Technology (IT) staff maintain the Law School computing and technology environment, provide Web and media services to the Law School, assistance with tutorials and training classes on computer hardware, software, other school-related technology, and Texas Tech technology resources.

Contact Information
Phone: 806-742-4897
Location: Law Library 2nd Floor Rm. 227
General Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

Audio/Visual Equipment for Checkout

A full line of audio/visual equipment is available for student, faculty or organizational checkout at the Law School Library circulation desk:

For all equipment, accessories such as batteries, power strips, bags, or cables are provided.

Classroom Technology and Support

All classrooms are equipped with a full range of computer and audio-visual equipment to support a dynamic environment for teaching and presentations. Classroom equipment includes: computer, projector, drop down screen, document camera, DVD player, microphones, speakers, and connections for personal laptops. Equipment is permanently installed in each classroom so there is no need to checkout and transport most equipment. Live and/or on-demand webcasting and videoconferencing capability is available in most classrooms, including the Auditorium and courtrooms

Two-way radios are located in each classroom for urgent assistance. The Library circulation staff will respond immediately to such a call and dispatch IT support to classrooms.


Texas Tech University is site licensed for a number of Microsoft products including Windows operating system upgrades, Microsoft Office suite, and Symantec Anti-virus. As part of the Texas Tech user community, currently enrolled students at the Texas Tech University Law School will have access to these programs free or at a minimal cost.

Software Downloads

Students can download licensed software through their campus login (eRaider) accounts. If users prefer, software CDs can be purchased for minimal cost from the Advanced Technology Learning Center (ATLC). Software Support

Software Training

Main campus offers online short courses on various subjects and software to help you with your computer needs.

Laptop Hardware Support

For Dell laptops purchased through the Law School Personal Computer purchase program and other Dell laptops still under warranty, we have certified Dell technicians on staff that can help you troubleshoot your computer and assist you with contacting Dell support.

The level of laptop support we provide will depend on the make and model of your laptop, the coverage of your warranty, and the level of any Dell customer support programs purchased. The School of Law works with Dell to develop an ideal technical service solution for all incoming first year students, and purchasing a Dell laptop through the Laptop Program will ensure the highest level of on-site support we can provide. It is strongly recommended that any Dell laptop purchased through the Laptop Program include the Dell 3 Year Advanced Service Plan which is intended to last throughout your tenure at the Law School.

If your laptop is not a Dell, we can still provide some troubleshooting, but it is up to you to contact the vendor or manufacturer for warranty support. If a significant hardware issue is identified, and your laptop is not under warranty, you may need to consult an independent computer repair facility and/or purchase your own replacement parts.

Levels of Support

Category 1 Support: for Dell laptops

Category 2 Support: for all non-Dell laptops (e.g., Sony, HP, Apple, etc.)