Professor Patrick Metze

Patrick Metze Professor of Law, 2008
Director, Criminal Clinics
(806) 834-2395


Admitted to practice in the State of Texas


B.A., Texas Tech University, 1970

J.D., University of Houston, 1973

Professor Metze initially worked for a real estate developer and investor in Houston, Texas. In January 1976, he established a solo general practice of law in Levelland, Texas, county seat of Hockley County, thirty miles West of Lubbock, Texas. Prior to 1986 and the collapse of the oil industry in West Texas, his general practice included periodic banking, collections, corporate, employee relations, worker's compensation, personal injury, oil and gas leases and contracts, real estate, criminal and family law. Since that time, his practice emphasized criminal and family law, with less focus on commercial, industrial, and labor related problems. In 2000, he moved his primary office to Lubbock and maintained a client base and close ties to Hockley and Cochran County.

Professor Metze's practice of criminal law involves representing clients at all levels within the State, including Municipal, Justice, County, District (both State and Federal), Court of Appeals, and Court of Criminal Appeals, with travel throughout all regions of the State. He was solicited and appointed by the Court of Criminal Appeals to represent two individuals on death row on their then-pending State Writs of Habeas Corpus, and remained qualified to accept Art. 11.071 C.C.P., appointments until he recently withdrew from appointment consideration. He was one of only 14 attorneys qualified for appointment as first chair in Capital Murder cases in the 45 counties of the 9th Administrative Judicial Region. In private practice, he was the only attorney in Lubbock who was qualified and solicited appointments to indigent clients for misdemeanors, juveniles, felonies, death penalty cases, and appeals in all courts. He has been dedicated to the representation of the poor and as such, maintains membership in The Pro Bono College of the State Bar of Texas.


Texas Juvenile Law and a seminar on Capital Punishment

Selected Publications and Presentations


Hobbies include gardening, his dog Bertha, and trying to understand a seven year old Cockatoo named Rosie, and a most human attempt at being a patient, loving, firm, supportive, and ever present father to his children, Eric, 32, and Jennifer, 29, the most important job he has ever had.