Professor Amy Jarmon

Amy Jarmon Assistant Dean, Academic Success Programs
(806) 834-6385

Admitted to practice in Virginia and in England/Wales.

Dean Jarmon previously served as an Adjunct Professor, the Acting Assistant Dean for Law Student Services and the Director of Academic Success Programs at The University of Akron School of Law. Dean Jarmon is a licensed Virginia attorney and on the roll as a Solicitor for England and Wales. In the United States, she has worked for the Supreme Court of Virginia, for a national law firm and as a consultant for the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association. While living in England, she practiced law at two English law firms. Prior to her legal career, Dean Jarmon served as a professional in student affairs at four colleges and universities, ending her career as a Dean of Students.

Dean Jarmon is Co-Editor of the Law School Academic Support Blog. She is a regular contributor to Student Lawyer, the American Bar Association Law Student Division magazine.

In addition, Dean Jarmon has served as the Assistant or Associate Director for several years with the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association continuing legal education seminar in Cambridge, England; Dublin, Ireland; and Edinburgh, Scotland. In those capacities, she has written a participant handbook, presented the opening and closing lectures, and provided administrative support to the seminar.


A.B. College of William and Mary, 1971

M.Ed., Boston University, 1972

Ed.D., College of William and Mary, 1983

J.D, 1992


Introduction to Legal Studies; Comparative Law: English Legal System; European Union: Institutions and Principles


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