Tutoring Services

Faculty members hire upper-division students to provide weekly group sessions and office hours to assist first year law students ("1Ls") in their courses. Each tutor works under the supervision of the faculty for the course. The Office of Academic Success Programs coordinates the tutor application, training and evaluation processes.

The group tutoring is a free voluntary program available to all 1L students. Students may attend as often as they like for some or all of their courses. Regular attendance assists in a deeper understanding of the reading and class material.

Each tutor-professor pair determines the format and content for the tutoring sessions for that specific course. Therefore, the sessions may vary in style from professor to professor and course to course. Generally, tutors will provide information on a legal topic or a legal study skill, will provide exercises to apply the concepts discussed, and will hold a question and answer segment.

Deciding Which Tutoring Sessions To Attend

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