Tips & Strategies

Below are links to the text of the weekly emails sent to all law students by Dr. Amy L. Jarmon, Assistant Dean for Academic Success Programs (email

Dr. Jarmon is available to all TTU law students for individual appointments on any of the topics covered in the emails.

Making wise decisions during exams 5/3/2010
The art of taking study breaks 4/19/2010
Generating more payback from studying 4/12/2010
Staying in control 3/29/2010
Using the last six weeks to advantage 3/8/2010
Tips for week six 9/21/2009
Getting into a routine 9/14/2009
Tips for the end of week two 9/7/2009
Tips for the exam period 4/27/2009
Reviewing for exams 3/23/2009
Strategies for dealing with all your deadlines 3/1/2009
Dealing with mid-term stressors 2/9/2009
Ten tips for the fourth week of the semester 1/26/2009
Tips for a new semester 1/12/2009
One week of exams down and one to go 12/8/2008
Tips for preventing and dealing with anxiety during exams 11/30/2008
Exam studying over the Thanksgiving Break 11/24/2008
Ways to relax and minimize stress 11/10/2008
Twenty top tips for exam studying 10/27/2008
Lessons from Aesop's Fables 10/20/2008
Dealing with the tipping point 10/13/2008
Countdown for seven weeks out from exams 10/6/2008
Making the most out of class 9/29/2008
Fitting life into law school 9/22/2008
Stopping that overwhelming feeling 9/15/2008
Priorities four weeks into the semester 9/8/2008
Tips to cope with stress and sleep difficulties 9/24/2007
First you have to focus 9/17/2007
The ins and outs of outlines and graphics 9/10/2007
Tips for the third week of classes 9/3/2007
Using a long weekend to advantage 8/27/2007
Tips for a Successful Exam Week 4/30/2007
Making the Most of the Last Class Week 4/23/2007
Staying Positive While So Close to Exams 4/9/2007
A Few Questions to Ask Each Day 4/2/2007
Finding Time for Exam Preparation 3/26/2007
How do you spell Spring Break 3/5/2007
Studying for law school's differences from other educational experiences 2/26/2007
Four Weeks to Spring Break Alert 2/12/2007
Fighting winter study doldrums 2/5/2007
The next steps now that grades are known 1/8/2007
One Week Down and One Week to Go 12/11/2006
A few words of encouragement 11/20/2006
Talking turkey about how to study over the break 11/13/2006
Making the most of the last month of classes 10/30/2006
Countdown to Exams 10/23/2006
Using the process learning styles to advantage 10/16/2006
Using the absorption learning styles to advantage 10/9/2006
Priority tasks for the coming weeks 9/25/2006
Keeping your perspective in law school 9/18/2006
A month into the semester -- how to cope 9/4/2006
Getting organized for your semester 8/31/2006
Success in the Last Week of Exams 5/8/2006
Success Strategies for the Remainder of Exam Week 1 5/1/2006
Tips for making the first week of exams successful 4/24/2006
Ten class days to go 4/10/2006
Efficient and Effective Are Your Best Study Buddies 4/3/2006
Dealing with last month of classes blues 3/27/2006
Smart studying for the second half of the semester 3/20/2006
Spring Break Study Tips 3/6/2006
Tips for outliners 2/27/2006
Take action for optimal learning 2/20/2006
Managing large projects and papers 2/13/2006
Tips for Note-Takers 1/30/2006
Tips for the behind and stressed 1/23/2006
Tips for the new semester and evaluating your exam performance 1/9/2006
The home stretch to semester break 12/12/2005
Helpful hints for week 1 of exams 12/5/2005
Tips for Success during Exams 11/28/2005
Practice makes perfect 11/14/2005
Dealing with end-of-the-semester stress 11/7/2005
Beware of Bad Advice Part II 10/24/2005
Beware of bad advice 10/17/2005
Tips for the half-way point of the semester 10/10/2005
Successful study buddy and study group relationships 10/3/2005
Positive thinking promotes learning 9/26/2005
Tips to becoming more efficient and effective 9/19/2005
Tips for those who are overwhelmed, behind, or sleep-deprived 9/12/2005
Using Study Aids and Using the OASP Library 9/5/2005
OASP Services 8/22/2005
Tips for the final week of exams 5/9/2005
Tips for the first week of exams 5/2/2005
Planning your work for the exam period 4/25/2005
Keeping your focus 4/18/2005
Handling Stress 4/11/2005
How to tackle being behind in your work 4/4/2005
Myths Regarding Exam Studying 3/28/2005
Planning an Exam Study Schedule 3/21/2005
Spring Break Studying 3/7/2005
Active Reading 2/28/2005
Being a Wise Consumer of Study Aids 2/21/2005
Tips for a good night's sleep 2/14/2005
Using memory to advantage 2/7/2005
Staying organized 1/31/2005
Time management tips 1/24/2005
New study techniques 1/17/2005
Evaluating the Fall Semester 1/10/2005
Tips for the last week of exams 12/13/2004
Tips for the first week of exams 2004 12/6/2004
Tips for the last week of classes 11/29/2004
Thanksgiving Study Plans 11/22/2004
Exam Priorities 11/15/2004
Outlines 11/8/2004
Stress Management 11/1/2004
Catching Up 10/25/2004