Summer Abroad Program

As Texas's trade relations with Mexico, Latin America, Asia and Europe continue to expand, the School of Law is working to ensure that our students have an opportunity to prepare themselves for legal opportunities arising from these ever-growing international business transactions. One of the ways we achieve this mission is by offering the Summer Law Institute, a summer abroad program in Guanajuato, Mexico. We also offer a Summer Law Program in Kaunas, Lithuania. In addition, we encourage students to investigate other summer abroad programs offered by ABA-accredited law schools around the country. A list of those law schools and the countries in which they operate can be found at the ABA's Foreign Summer and Intersession Programs Web page.

More information about study abroad resources and considerations can be found at Texas Tech University's study abroad website.

Texas Tech University requires all their study abroad students (including Tech law students) to register with the Texas Tech Office of International Affairs and to complete an on-line application process that further requires (among other things) attendance at a pre-departure orientation session, physical examination and a processing fee. Texas Tech Students will not be allowed to study abroad unless they complete all requirements included in this online application process. For more information, students should contact a study abroad advisor at Texas Tech's Office for International Affairs ( More information about Study Abroad resources and considerations is located at Texas Tech University's Study Abroad Web Site.


Study Abroad Competitive Scholarship (SACS)

Students should make certain to take advantage of summer abroad scholarship opportunities provided by Texas Tech through the Study Abroad Competitive Scholarship (SACS). According to the SACS Web page, "[t]he Study Abroad Competitive Scholarship is funded by the $4 International Education Fee that all Texas Tech students pay every semester. . . . Award amounts generally range from . . . $250 to $750 for summer programs."

Applications are generally due between the first of January and the middle of February, but students should consult the SACS website for specific deadlines because there are no exceptions for late applications.

Hazlewood Act Benefits

Unfortunately, Hazlewood Act Benefits cannot be used to pay for any Summer Law Program tuition. The Hazlewood Act excludes benefits from being used for any course that is self-supporting (i.e., a course that depends solely on student tuition and fees to cover its cost, as opposed to a course for which the law school receives tax support). The student is responsible for researching any future changes to the Hazlewood Act, which may alter these conditions. Such research can begin by going to the following websites: or