Lithuania Summer Law Program — Preparations

Informational Video

Click here to view the video of our Informational Session from November 19, 2013. The vast majority of the information in this video, particularly discussions with VMU faculty about the school and Lithuania, as well as reasons why one might want to study in Lithuania is still accurate. Information on specific classes and some costs has changed slightly, but that information has been updated in the text of the website. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions:

Contact: Pam Yager, Associate Director for International Programs,
Texas Tech University School of Law,
1802 Hartford Avenue, Lubbock, Texas 79409-0004;
Telephone: 806-834-1468
Fax: 806-742-0901

Video Clip from 2014 Summer Law Program in Lithuania!!!

Click here to view a short video clip of scenes from our very successful 2014 Summer Program.


Click here to download the Summer Law Program Brochure.

Student Handbook

We hope to have the Summer Law Program Student Handbook available in January 2016.

Resources – Lithuania

U.S. State Department Travel Advisories and Travel Resources

Lithuania Sites

Conversion Sites

Travel Arrangements to Lithuania

Passports and Visas

Passports are required for travel to countries outside the United States and are the responsibility of each participant. Information and forms may be available at your local U.S. courthouse or at Texas Tech University students can apply for a passport on campus at the Office of International Affairs. A U.S. citizen may enter Lithuania for up to 90 days without a visa.

Travel Plans

Participants must make their own travel arrangements. We recommend that students arrive in Lithuania by Wednesday, May 25, 2016. Students should keep in mind that most U.S. flights will arrive in Lithuania one day after departure. In other words, if you plan to be in Lithuania on Wednesday, select a flight that leaves the U.S. on Tuesday.

You should begin looking into flight arrangements as soon as possible in order to secure a reasonable price and schedule. You should make flight arrangements so that you fly into the Vilnius International Airport (VNO). Kaunas, Lithuania does have an airport, Kaunas Airport (KUN), (a fact which is important to remember if you plan to travel while in Lithuania), however, the Kaunas Airport is not serviced by direct flights from the U.S.

Again, we want to stress that you should make plans to arrive in Lithuania by Wednesday, May 25, 2016. You should certainly not make plans to arrive in Kaunas, Lithuania any later than Friday, May 27, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. (Orientation begins at 10:00 a.m. on May 28). Session I classes begin May 30 and end June 10. Session I examinations will be administered on-site on June 13. Session II classes begin on June 14 and end on June 28, 2016. Session II examinations will be administered on-site on June 30. Externships begin July 1 and end July 12. No exceptions will be made for applicants that cannot comply with the dates set out for program attendance and exam administration. Students must be present on examination day and should not plan to depart Lithuania sooner than July 1, 2016 if attending Session I and II.

Housing in Kaunas, Lithuania

Students are responsible for making their own housing arrangements during the program, but two options are recommended: 1) a 16th Century monastery that has been converted into a private guesthouse called Domus Pacis; and 2) a Vyautas Magnus University dormitory. Students are free to seek other housing arrangements as well.

Domus Pacis

This option consists of a renovated 16th Century monastery that has been converted into a guesthouse called Domus Pacis (House of Peace and Stillness), which was opened on the top floor of a Franciscan Friary in 2012. The Friary is located in the Kaunas Old Town area (a short walk to the law school). All rooms include a private bathroom, work desk, hard-wired internet, and cable TV. If your laptop does not have an Ethernet port, you will need to bring an Ethernet to USB adapter. The guesthouse serves breakfast and lunch for an extra nominal charge each day, but guests may also prepare food themselves in the kitchen. Utilities such as a washing machine and dryer are provided for extra payment. We anticipate that the rent will be between $350-450 US for the entire program.

External of Domus Pacis Domus Pacis Hallway
Domus Pacis commons area Domus Pacis room. Desk area with hard-wired ethernet and armoire

Domus Pacis room. bed area view with extrance to the private bathroom Domus Pacis rooms also contain a private bathroom
Domus Pacis Kitchen area, when you may prepare your own meals Domus Pacis also has utilities such as washers and dryers (with extra payment)

VMU Dormitory

The Vytautas Magnus University dormitory is located near the city center (about a 25 to 30-minute walk to the law school, with public bus service also available across the street). Single, double, and triple rooms are available. Each suite has its own bathroom. Each dormitory floor has two shared kitchens. The building has a laundry facility, smoking rooms, leisure and study areas. Wi-Fi is available in the study and leisure areas and each room has a hard wire internet connection. If your laptop does not have an Ethernet port, you will need to bring an Ethernet to USB adapter. The cost for living in the dormitory is about $3.73 USD per night in the double and triple rooms and about $11.20 in the single rooms, or about $116-348 for the entire program.

Entrance of Vyautas Magnus University dormitory Dormitory lounge area
Shared kitchen area of dormitory Two bedroom dormitory with study desk
Reading room for study Leisure area in dormatory

Health Insurance

All students MUST have accident, health, and repatriation insurance valid in Lithuania. You must have valid insurance that provides at least the following coverage:

  • Minimum coverage of $50,000 per person per accident or illness;
  • Emergency medical evacuation ($10,000 minimum); and
  • Repatriation of remains ($7,500 minimum).

The Office of International Affairs at Texas Tech University will enroll all U.S. students in a low-cost plan offered by HTH Worldwide Insurance. You will receive a notification from the Office of International Affairs after you are enrolled. The cost of the insurance will depend upon your length of stay, but it generally amounts to somewhere between one and two dollars per day.

Travel Form

Please fill out a travel form any time you are travelling away from the study abroad site.

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