Health Care Mediation Clinic

This is a 3 credit hour graded course which is offered during the Fall semester. This course and clinic gives students an opportunity to develop their communication, facilitation, and mediation skills. Through reading, simulated exercises, field work, and live co-mediations, students will learn the law, ethics, and procedures involved in mediating disputes. The study and work will focus on problems and disputes that arise in health care settings, including those that arise pre-admission, during hospitalization/residency, immediately before discharge, and post-discharge. The issues may relate to conflicts between patients, their families, and providers. The actual matters handled will depend on referrals and approvals from participating hospitals and nursing homes.

Students who have received credit for the other ADR Clinic will not be able to enroll in this clinic. The students' training will satisfy the 40 hour requirement for Texas mediators. The course is limited to eighteen (18) students. The clinic welcomes 2Ls and 3Ls. Students must be available for an intense training during the week before classes begin.