Conference: National Water Policy and the Future of Texas Water: A Local and National Debate

Playas play an important role for migratory birds and other wildlife. Texas Tech researchers are finding ways to help stop the damage done to these lakes by sediment that runs off plowed fields.

Water management and allocation decisions have historically been left to the states. In recent years, however, discussions in Congress and among pundits and academics have raised the possibility of developing a nationally-applicable water policy. Although such a policy has yet to be formally proposed, positions are being formulated and lines drawn in the proverbial sand. What might a national water policy have in store for Texas? What would it mean for water planners on the local, regional, and national levels? How might it affect private and state water rights?

Two panels of experts and government representatives will consider the current water conditions in Texas and explore current and future federal roles in water law, policy, and management. They will also discuss Texas water supplies and management and the merits of a national water policy and its implications for Texas.

About the Conference (January 29, 2010)

A condensed version of the documentary "The American Southwest: Are We Dry Yet?" will be screened at the conference.

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