Law and Science Concentrations

About the Program

Increasingly, developments within scientific fields have given rise to new or revised statues or regulations. The impact of contemporary issues such as digital file sharing, bioterrorism, and global warming have all posed challenges to the understanding of law and its relationship to science. As science becomes a more prominent part of public awareness, it becomes increasingly important to expand our knowledge of both legal and scientific issues in order to provide society with a legal framework that is both fair and reasonable.

The Law and Science Concentration offers students an opportunity to focus on an area of the law relating to science. The program requires that students complete particular courses and directed research at a high level of performance. Completion of the program is noted on the student's transcript. Students may obtain a General Law and Science Concentration or choose one of the following specializations:


Top Reasons Why Law Students Get a Law & Science Concentration

  1. The Law & Science Concentration prepares you for a practice area that involves scientific concepts.
  2. The Law & Science Concentration allows you to focus on a particular area of interest, without requiring that you have a background in science.
  3. Completion of the Program is noted on your transcript, alerting potential employers to this focus of study.
  4. The Law & Science Concentration provides students with an opportunity to receive mentorship from faculty members with expertise in the area of law and science throughout their time in law school.
  5. The Program can be completed within your three years at the law school.

Here's What Our Grads Have to Say About the Law and Science Concentration

"Tech's Law & Science Program provided classes that were insightful and applicable. Not only did the program address current issues, but also those quick to come in the future. The Program offered guidance about what classes would be more useful to someone wishing to work in the combined fields of law and science, and this is what I needed most."

-- T. Adams, ('08) Environmental Law Concentration

"I think the law and science program was my favorite and most rewarding part of law school, because it allowed me to go to a school that wasn't among the top 3 environmental law schools in the country, but still come out with that same expertise and land the same competitive jobs. I really think it's the best thing Tech Law has going on!"

-- A. Cleghorn, ('08) Environmental Law Concentration

"The Biodefense Concentration proved to be an outstanding compliment to a solid legal education. It allowed me to focus my legal studies in a unique area of law which ultimately led me to where I am today. The Biodefense Law Concentration and the Center for Biodefense are a large part of the reason that I am able to work in a field that is both challenging and extremely enjoyable. From classes in Law and Bioterrorism to National Security Law, this program prepared me to be competitive and successful in my field while earning the respect of my peers."

-- C. Gardner ('08), Biodefense Law Concentration

Additional Information

Interested applicants should contact Dr. Victoria Sutton for additional information.