Program Description and Courses

Tech Law's LL.M. degree program is completed over two semesters and begins in the fall of each year. Classes in the fall semester begin in mid-August and end in mid-December. Classes in the spring semester begin in early January and end in mid-May. Graduation ceremonies take place in May.

The planned curriculum requires students to complete 24 credit-hours. LL.M. students may enroll in most courses offered in the J.D. program.

LL.M. students are required to enroll in two specific LL.M courses of three credit-hours each during the fall semester:

  1. Introduction to United States Law, and
  2. Legal Research and Writing for the LL.M. Student.

The LL.M. student can then choose electives (subject to prerequisites and space availability) from the more than 130 courses offered at the School of Law. For a comprehensive list of elective courses, click here.

Clinical programs are not open for LL.M. student enrollment due to the time and credit commitments required, as well as prerequisites. No thesis is required for graduation; however, students may select courses requiring writing projects and/or an independent study that requires the production of a major paper.

GPA Graduation Requirement

Students may elect to be graded on a Numerical GPA System or an Alternative (Pass/Fail) System. Those who choose the Numerical GPA System will be required to maintain at least a 2.00 (C average) cumulative grade point average in order to graduate with their LL.M. degree. Those who choose the Alternative (Pass/Fail) System must receive passing grades for 24 credit hours of law school coursework in order to graduate with their LL.M. degree. Please keep in mind that the grading system you choose may affect your ability to sit for a bar examination.