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Important IT Resources and Information

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The 411

  • eRaider- Your TTU electronic ID used to access University services;
  • TechMail- Your official TTU email address (; Required for official University correspondence;
  • TechLawAnnounce- Your official communication location for law school announcements, activities and events;
  • Raiderlink- Your online campus connection for TTU services (
  • MyTech Tab in the Raiderlink Portal- make tuition payments, register for classes, check class availability, view holds, update personal info, financial aid account summary, add/drop, etc.

IT Help Central

Use IT Help Central when Computer Support in Lab 227 is not available (or as noted below)


  • Assistance in setting up e-mail, eRaider accounts, resetting eRaider Passwords, etc.
  • Residence Hall Support

Law School additional Information


Opportunities for YOU!

GETTING ACCESS: Network Registration System

Review the IT Security Policies

Understand acceptable use of TTU Information Technology resources.

Know the law and protect yourself.

Downloading and file sharing

Spamming & E-mail Abuse

TechMail is for Educational purposes only; Use TechAnnounce for official messages to groups (

Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) - see: Dept. of Education

You may opt out of directory (name, phone number, etc.) information release (MyTech tab in Raiderlink Portal).

Safe Computing: TTU Operating Policies - You are RESPONSIBLE

Safe Computing: Passwords

Learn how to protect you and your PC

IT ALERT: Who is the "You" that is out there?
Do You Have...

These are things to consider before, during and after Law School and the Bar Exam!