Introduction to Webcasting: media.Law

Streaming Presentations in TTU Law


Webcasting multimedia presentation with streaming technology was implemented in our law school in 2008. The law school community has used it to webcast special events, make-up classes and workshops. The recent acquirement of new lecture capture solution provides a dedicated lecture streaming server, and leaves adedicated webcast channel for special events and workshops.

Direct access:


From the School of Law website home page (

  1. Go to the "Quick Links" list
  2. Click on "Media Resources"
  3. click on

Before logging in, the website shows you the presentations open to the public. For example,
Texas Supreme Court sessions held in our school in 2008 and Criminal Law Symposium this past April.

Click on Login on the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Use your eraider account to log in. You will see the presentation folders you have security access to, such as classes and special events. Please note you can only see the folders you have access to. The folders you donít have access to are hidden.


Click on the presentation title you would like to watch. A separate window will open to play the streaming video.While watching a presentation, you can pause it, skip back a few seconds,drag on the bar to any point in the middle, control the volume and maximize the video size to full screen. Press escape to return to normal size.


The envelope button above the video is to Share Presentations. You can click on it and send a link to this presentation to a friend. However, the person who receives your invitation still needs to log in to access the presentation. For example, career services presentations are open to all in the law school community. If you send the link to anyone outside of our law school, he wonít be able to watch it.

The paper clip button, if active, will take you the linked files. For example, Career Services may provide an additional document related to job search with this presentation.


By default, the slide window shows the current slide. The slide list will give you a quick overview of all slides and provide a way to jump around the presentation based on slides. The magnifying glass gives you a tool to magnify a certain area of a slide. The full screen button will maximize the current slide.


Subscribe to an RSS feed

Navigate to a folder and click on the orange RSS feed icon on the upper right hand corner of the screen. It will take you to a page (see below) where you can subscribe to the feed.


Any time a new presentation is added, you will be able to notice it at the Favorite Center
on your Internet Explorer. To show the Favorite Center, click on the star icon.

Alternatively, you can use Outlook to subscribe to the feed. You will get an email notification when a new presentation is added. Right click on RSS Feeds. Click on Add a New RSS Feed.

Copy the URL of the RSS feed page (see below) and paste it in your Outlook dialogue box.