TechLawAnnounce allows students to keep informed about Law School news, activities and current events. This resource allows students to not only read Law School news, but also post announcements. Before posting you will need to read the posting policy which is covered later in this document.

TechLawAnnounce is an email that is sent once a day. It is a list of posted announcements in a short summary format with a link to the full announcement. Another advantage of TechLawAnnounce is the ability to search all postings, including older ones, even if the original email has been deleted. Following is a description of how to access and use TechLawAnnounce.

Further questions or problems please can be directed to Law School Computer Support (in room 227 of the Law School Library), or via phone 806-742-3990 ext 318, or via email at, or attend a Laptop Connection Session during Orientation.  

Finding TechLawAnnounce

Access TechLawAnnounce at or from the link provided in the Quick Links drop down menu on all pages in MyTechLaw.

TechLawAnnounce image 1

TechLawAnnounce Navigation

On the TechLawAnnounce home page, a number of options are available on the left side. Please read the information provided under "Posting and Delivery Times," "FAQ/Help," and "Posting Policy," shown in the screen shot below.

tla 2

Searching TechLawAnnounce

Also on the TechLawAnnounce home page, announcements can be searched. For recent postings, click the arrow next to the date on the right side. Click the "Search Archives" link on the left to get advanced search options. See below.

tla 3

Posting an Announcement

To post an announcement, first choose the link on the left side on the page ("Post an Announcement"). Then, read the posting policy before clicking on "Agree and Post an Announcement" on the right side of the screen. See below.

tla 4

After reading the posting policy and clicking on "Agree and post an Announcement" on the right side of the screen you will be prompted to sign in with your eraider username and password. See below.

TLA image 5

After signing in, create your announcement. Starting at the top and working down, fill out the subject, a short synopsis, the date when the announcement should go out, category, date details, and detailed description. Especially important is the category and date details, explained below. tla 6

Clicking on "Category" produces a popup that allows the requestor to choose up to 3 categories. This improves the searchability of items in the archives and helps target the announcement to the audience(s). Viewers can import the announcement into their Outlook calendars.

After entering the details of the announcement, click "Preview" at the bottom of the screen.
TechLawAnnounce image 7

After previewing the announcement and verifying that the information is correct, click "Submit your Announcement." Also note the export to Outlook option because date details were included in the announcement. TechLawAnnounce image 9

View/Edit Previous Posting

Click the "View/Edit Previous Posting" and select the message to be edited.

TechLawAnnounce image 10