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MyTechLaw - As a member of the TTU School of Law, you have access to MyTechLaw. The intranet site is only for use by Law School faculty, staff, and students. It contains necessary and important information for the successful completion of Law School. Within MyTechLaw, you will find information on Law Library, Administration, and IT resources; course pages; and links to other TTU main campus resources. As a student, MyTechLaw is probably your most valuable resource which you may access many times daily.

If you have further questions or problems, please contact Law School Computer Support in Room 227 of the Law School Library. You may stop by in person, call 806-742-3990 ext. 318, email at, or attend a Laptop Connection Session during Orientation.

Accessing MyTechLaw

You can access MyTechLaw at the following URL, or from the location circled in yellow on the Law School home page in the screen shot to the right. We recommend setting your homepage to the link provided above while you attend Law School.
MyTechLaw link
When accessing MyTechLaw, to sign in using your eraider username and password. It is important to enter ttu\ in front of your eraider username when signing in. See the example sign in screen shot below
MyTechLaw Login screen
MyTechLaw Navigation

Once logged into MyTechLaw, a customized home page is displayed (see screen shot below). Students, Faculty and Staff each have a customized version of the home page. Hover the mouse over the red navigation bar to see links to additional content. Content on MyTechLaw is dynamic and will vary based on the user's permissions.
MyTechLaw Navigation

One of the more important pages on MyTechLaw is the First Week Reading List (also known as the Assignment Board). This is where you will find assignments that are due on the first day of class. To access the page, click the link in the gray sidebar of the home page (see below).
MyTecchLaw Navigation 3