Using Your Laptop for Exams

ExamSoft SofTest is software designed specifically to enable exam takers to use their own or institution-owned computer for examinations. It is available for Windows and Mac OS X. It secures the testing computer by preventing access to all other locally stored or Internet accessible programs and files. Exam takers use SofTest to perform these activities:
  1. Download Exam Files: Using a simple 3-step process, exam takers can securely download their exam file(s)
  2. Take an Exam:
    1. Exam Takers cannot commence an exam until they are provided a password.
    2. SofTest locks the computer and prevents unauthorized use of other software, both in their computer and on the Internet, while the exam is underway.
  3. Auto-Upload Answer Files: Following completion of an exam, answers are auto-uploaded to the Examsoft server. Exam Takers are provided on-screen and email confirmation of the upload

Optionally, ExamSoft exams can be configured in the Open Book mode. This mode does not lock the computer and allows students to access computer files, programs, and the Internet. The open book mode does not allow cut-and-paste from any other programs into SofTest. One can, however, copy and paste from within SofTest.

The use of ExamSoft / SofTest is optional. Students can opt to hand write their exams if desired.

Not all exams will use SofTest. The professor chooses whether or not to use SofTest for the exam, whether spell check will be allowed or locked, and whether the software will be set to the secured (locked) or open book mode.

How reliable is SofTest?

SofTest has a considerable number of safety features to ensure that answers typed into SofTest are not lost. They include:

Printing Exams

Once the exam answer files are uploaded, we do the printing. There is no need to format the font or spacing when typing the exam. Exams are printed in a standard format with preset margins, fonts, and line spacing.

When do I install SofTest?

SofTest versions have a 1 year life cycle. (1 September through August 31 of the next calendar year). When a new version is released, students are sent an email (to their TechMail accounts) announcing the new version. This email includes the student's ExamSoft user ID and password. Download and register SofTest anytime before exams.

Exam ID

The exam ID is automatically embedded in the exam file.

How do I know if SofTest can be used for an exam I am scheduled for?

Usually the professor will inform students beforehand. SofTest Exam information is also posted as it becomes available on the ExamSoft page of MyTechLaw. Additionally, an email is sent to students when a SofTest exam has been uploaded. This email will include the ExamSoft user ID and Password.

ExamSoft Page on MyTechLaw

Important ExamSoft information can be found on MyTechLaw

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This page contains the following valuable information:


If assistance is needed with SofTest installation, contact Computer Support at computersupport.law@ttu.edu, 806-742-3990 ext 318, or come by the computer support office, room 227, next to the computer lab.