Network Printer Information  

The Law School has several printers available for students to use. Note: You MUST be on campus in order to complete any of the following instructions.

Log in to Mytechlaw ( with your eRaider credentials.  Under the "Departments" category click on Information Technology.  On the Information Technology page, to the right, you will see IT FAQ's. This lists the most current information on adding a printer to your workstation or laptop. Note: If prompted to log in with your eRaider credentials, be sure to precede your eRaider username with TTU\.

Charges for prints are 7 cents per page single sided or 8 cents double sided. You release your print jobs by swiping your Raider card on either the basement, first floor, or second floor lab student multi-function printers. The print job is automatically charged to your raider card account.  To add funds to your Raider card for printing go to the University ID/Raider Card site and click on Quick Deposit.