Microsoft Office  

Texas Tech University provides every student with a free download of the full Microsoft Office Suite (currently Office 2007 for Windows), which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Onenote, Publisher, Outlook, Access and Infopath. Also available is Office 2011 for Mac OS X, which includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook.  Office 2010 for Windows is not yet available for download but may be purchased for $10 with your student ID from the ATLC, in the main campus Library basement.  You may also take this opportunity to purchase a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate for $10.  The Mac OS X operating system is not available for either download or purchase.

If you have an older version, trial or student edition, you will need to uninstall it before installing the campus version.

To continue and install the university-provided Office Suite, follow the steps below:  
If you have trial or student version software If you do NOT have any Office software installed
Before installing the Office Suite, you must first uninstall your existing version. For instructions on how to uninstall, choose the operating system you are running from the instructions below: arrow right Your computer should have no Office software installed at this stage.  Now you must download and install the Office software offered by TTU.  Follow these instructions:

1. Ensure you have an internet connection
2. Go to
3. Log in with your eRaider credentials
5. Click SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD on the left

If you select WINDOWS:
1. Select Office and then Office Enterprise 2007
2. Read the instructions, accept the license agreement and click on "Accept and Begin Download"
3. Before clicking on the "Download" button make sure to copy the 25 digit CD Key to your notepad as you will need this to begin the setup process after downloading.

If you select MACINTOSH
1. Click Download Office 2011 now.
2. Read the instructions and then click "Click here to read and accept the License Agreement and begin the download process."
Windows XP Uninstall
Select the Office version you have and then click REMOVE
Windows Vista/7 Uninstall
Go the Windows Round START BUTTON (lower left hand corner) > CONTROL PANEL > in the control panel click UNINSTALL A PROGRAM under programs. Select your Office version and click UNINSTALL at the top.
Mac OS X Uninstall
Double-click the hard drive on the desktop > click on APPLICATIONS on the left > click, hold and drag to the TRASH the program you want to uninstall.
Once you have uninstalled your office software and REBOOTED, continue with instructions on the right column. arrow up