Class of 2019 Accepted Students Information

  • New Student Orientation. Orientation will be the week of August 15th. Click here for the agenda. Attendance is mandatory. Law classes begin Monday, August 22. Visit the Orientation Website for more information on things you must complete before Aug. 15.
  • Immunization Requirements. You will not be allowed to enroll, or even attend Orientation, without submitting this documentation. More information, including the proper forms and list of approved exemptions, can be found by clicking here. Please submit your records to the law school admissions office. We will forward the records on to Student Health Services
    • MMR: Texas law requires all students to provide documentation that they have received two MMR vaccinations during their lifetime if they are born in 1957 or later. Texas Tech University graduates must provide copies of their records if there has been a break in enrollment, e.g. December 2015 graduates must provide MMR documentation but May 2016 graduates do not.
    • Meningitis: Students over the age of 22 as of the first day of classes are not required to provide proof of meningitis vaccination. Please check your shot records to verify the date of your vaccination.
  • Financial Aid. Tuition and fees for 2016-2017 will be set by the Texas Tech University Board of Regents around March/April. For 2015-2016, tuition and fees were $23,262 for Texas residents and $33,792 for non-residents based on 30 hours. First-year students will have a slightly lower total because you take only 29 hours in your first year. Loan and scholarship aid will not appear on Raiderlink accounts until after students have been registered for classes, which typically happens mid-summer.
  • Establish eRaider Account.  You will receive an email from the law school IT staff with your eRaider Username, activation code, and set up instructions in early Spring. This is your key to a host of important information available through Raiderlink, such as your financial aid, billing statements, and ordering a parking permit.  It also gives you access to MyTechLaw, the law school intranet site, which contains other helpful information such as the Side Bar (listing items for sale, housing openings, etc.) and videos of presentations by the Career Services Office. If you did not receive the email or have trouble setting up the account, contact IT Help Central at (806) 742-4357 (742-HELP).
  • Set Up Direct Deposit. This will allow you to receive your financial aid refund in the shortest time possible. Paper checks can take up to four weeks to be received. Instructions are online here.
  • Update your contact information.  Both the law school and main University will likely send you things throughout the summer via mail and email, making it vital that we have your current contact information.  You mail email updates to
  • Parking Permits. Permits (“ePermits”) can be purchased through the University Parking Services website, (eRaider required).  The parking lot directly in front of the law school is a reserved lot (R21) and spaces are awarded off of a waitlist.  You can get on the waitlist through by calling Parking Services (806-742-7275).  The next closest lots are “Commuter” lots. Lots C11-C16 are still very close to the law school.
  • Official Transcripts. The Registrar requires a final official copy of your transcript from only your degree-granting institution(s), i.e. the school(s) from which you received your degree(s) (undergrad AND grad).  Transcripts must be sent directly from the college/university to the law school, and must be received by August 10.  The copies that we received from LSAC are not considered “official copies” for this purpose.  May/August 2015 graduates should make sure that the transcript reflects that your degree was conferred.  Transcripts may be mailed to the law school admissions office.
  • Course Registration. All first-year students will be registered for their first-year courses by the law school in mid-July.  The class will be divided into four sections.  Students are not able to request particular sections or professors.  However, we will try to accommodate students with childcare or other family considerations that require a particular schedule or those with other compelling reasons.  Such students should contact Dean Perez to discuss the available options.
  • Books. Use caution when buying your books before Orientation. In order to maintain sections that are balanced in size and composition, students sometimes have their section assignment changed at Orientation, which could require different books.  If you decide to buy books before Orientation, make sure you are able to return them for a full refund and get new books quickly.  Law school textbooks are available locally at the Campus Bookstore, Varsity Bookstore, and the Double T Bookstore.  When it becomes available, the first-year booklist can be found on MyTechLaw by clicking here (requires eRaider to sign in).
  • Health Insurance.  Information regarding health insurance offered through the Texas Tech University Student Government Association can be found at
  • Declaration of Intent to Study Law. The State Bar of Texas requires all first-year law students who intend to apply for admission to the Bar of Texas to file a Declaration of Intent to Study Law.  You do not have to submit your declaration until after you have started school (due date is October 1), but it requires very detailed information regarding things such as work history, contact information for supervisors, and previous home addresses that could take you a while to remember or track down.  This process will be explained in full at a mandatory meeting during the first week of classes.

    The declaration also requires character & fitness information not unlike that required on your law school application.  ALL students should review their information to ensure they have complied with the requirements of both the State Bar of Texas and the law school.  Students who have difficulties often have them arise from discrepancies between what they reported to the law school and what they reported to the Bar (or what the Bar discovered during a background check).  If you have questions about whether this applies to you, please call Dean Perez immediately.

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